Preparing the Mosaic Base Surface

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When applying a mosaic to any glazed surface, be sure to rub it over with steel wool or sandpaper to create an adhesive surface. In order for the tesserae to stick to the base at maximum strength, it is often necessary to scratch the base top to create a stronger bonding surface.

Sandpaper is better for the more grainer surfaces such as terracotta, wood, ply-wood and MDF. Sanding and priming a wooden base will help prevent your mosaic base from cracking or getting wood rot which in turn will add to the longevity of the mosaic art piece.

Sandpaper can be used to smoothen the edges of wooden bases so that once the mosaic has been completed you won't get splinters.

Use steal wool or scouring pads and scratch the top of glass or mirror, metal and very smooth surfaces, by rubbing the wool in circles.

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