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Graph paper is useful in the mosaic design stages to transfer a design from paper, picture, photocopy and create the 'exact' look desired. Sometimes you aren't very confident in sketching your own fish or flower and would like your mosaic to look exactly like a picture you have seen before. If this is the case then this kind of project is perfect for you.

Simply find a pattern you like, photocopy it to the size you want. Trace the pattern, making sure you join all the lines up so that the design is complete (it is very easy to miss something out when drawing an intricate shape).

To get the pattern onto your desire base, use a 2B, 4B, 6B pencil trace over the lines again after your initial trace. Then turn the graph paper over and place it on top of your base. It is a good idea to use some masking tape just to hold the graph paper to the base in the same position while you imprint.

Use a rubber and firmly rub the tracing paper (the back side that has not been drawn on) and as you do then heavy and soft pencil markings on the other side of the paper will imprint onto the base. Make sure you rub evenly over the whole design so not to miss any lines or sections of your drawing.

After you have imprinted the design, take the paper off and it is a good idea to get a pen or pencil and go over the lines again so that they are dark and clear.

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