Mosaic Safety Equipment - mouth and nose filter masks, latex gloves, safety glasses

Tools - Compass - Dustpan & Brush - Glue Spreaders - Graph Paper - Grout Wedge - Hammer - Paint Sheet - Safety Gear - Scouring Pads & Sandpaper - Spirit Level - Tile Cutters - Tile Nippers - Tiler's Sponge - Tweezers

When cutting tesserae, painting, gluing, using adhesive and mixing grout you must wear the appropriate protective clothing.

Mouth and nose filter masks prevent dust and fumes for entering your lungs and causing infection or illness

Protective eyewear is essential when cutting or smashing tiles as the splinters and small tesserae pieces often fly up onto your face. They can be extremely sharp and painful.

Gloves should be worn at all times when handling the tiles, glue, grout and colorants. Some of the adhesive and grout mixtures are quite acidic and can irritate your hands. Splinters from broken tiles and glass will also be a concern

Surgical gloves are often better for more intricate work such as cutting and nibbling tesserae into shape. They are generally made of latex, cheap and disposable.

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