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Once you have succeeded in making a couple of mosaics using traditional ceramic tiles and glass tiles, you will be able to try using different and more challenging types of tesserae!

Tesserae from Around the House

Blue Bird Decorated Ceramic Tile It is quite simple to make large patterns using cut tiles, however when you start to integrate other materials, such as old china plates with tea cups, shells, beads, ceramic pieces and cork the mosaic will become very interesting even without a fantastic pattern.

A lot of the times you can find these things in your spare drawers and at the back of cupboards, however if you are in need of some 'mixed tesserae' then you might need to look outside the house for inspiration.

Other Sources of Tesserae

If you are looking for 'antique' inspiration then head to your local second hand shop and have a look around for any old and discounted plates that are on sale because they are not a 'full-set'. Often beautiful china is available at a very reasonable price because handles are missing or there are chips on the side of one of the pieces. This will have little effect on your mosaic as obviously no one will be able to tell when it is broken into many pieces!

Bits of shells or pebbles from the beach and washed glass or mirror pieces are also fantastic for decorating old pot plants and picture frames that need rejuvenating. These are great places to practice your new styles if you are not quite ready to do a larger project such as a table top or wall plaque.


  • If the material can cut or broken easily such as glass, mirror and crockery
  • If it is small and can be glued/cemented to another surface
  • If it can be arranged in a pattern
  • If it naturally comes in small pieces

Then...it can be used for mosaic art!

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