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Shells Sea shells are a beautiful and very natural material to use in a mosaic. Seashells come in so many different shapes and sizes that you would never run out of options!

Starfish also make beautiful tesserae that can either add a little something to a mosaic or can be a fantastic feature when creating a beach scene.

As with pebbles and rocks, shells can usually be found on the beach and also some river beds. Many of these places are protected and often little sea creatures are still living in shells when people take them from the waters.

The best way to use shells is to buy them from a shell shop or a distributor who has washed and cleaned them, making sure there are not little animal surprises inside!

Sea Shell Suppliers

DickBlick Art Materials supplies buckets of real sea shells in re-sealable tubs that have been collected from the shores of Mexico, the Phillipines and India. These are perfect for making mosaics as well as other craft projects.

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