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Ceramic tile is usually the most commonly used material in mosaic craft. Ceramic tiles are inexpensive and can be used just about anywhere.

Green Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tile can be cut with tile nippers or broken under a towel with a hammer. This depends on whether you want order or chaos in your mosaic. The smashed tile will have uneven edges and odd shapes and naturally the tiles cut with the tile nippers will have straight edges or a set shape to them depending on what you are after.

When choosing ceramic tile for a piece of mosaic craft that will be subjected to extreme conditions such as frost or heat, please check before you start as to whether that particular tile is able to withstand the desired areas temperature or pressure. These tiles are generally not suitable for floor mosaics (e.g. bathroom floor or welcome mats)

Ceramic Tile Mosaic Flower Table Ceramic tile tesserae are usually 20-25mm (3/4 -1inch) square and are available glazed and unglazed. They are hard-wearing and very versatile.

Most ceramic tiles can be cut to be used in mosaics however there are some that have a bevelled edge which will make pieces look different or will create a larger gap than planned between the tiles when grouting.

When cutting glass or ceramic tile tesserae or hitting with a hammer through a towel, be very wary that the tiles may shatter and cause splinters to fly off in all directions. For this reason it is highly recommended that you use appropriate gloves and safety goggles when working with all types of tile.

Ceramic Tile Suppliers

MisterArt provides a great selection of colorful glazed ceramic tiles in convenient craft-sized bags. In addition to regular square cut tiles, these ceramic tiles are available in several different pre-cut shapes for those times when you don't want the hassle of cutting the tiles yourself.

Alternatively, Dick Blick provides a selection of ceramic tiles suitable for children that feature rounded edges and no sharp corners, also in a variety of shapes and colors.

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